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About Us

Imagine your hero turned up at your front door one day with a smile and a guitar, offering to chat with you and sing some of your favorite songs. Wouldn't you think you were dreaming?

Yet this is the intimate and unforgettable experience Homejam offers. We don't livestream traditional concerts — oddly impersonal experiences where the wall between fans and heroes is left standing. We break that wall down so that your favorite singer will talk with you, answer questions, and sing from their sofa to yours. The result is an experience unlike any other, as intimate and personal as live music is intended to be.

If you join a Homejam session, you'll be one of 24 households linked together in a once-in-a-lifetime community experience. See and be seen by your favorite artist, and participate as much as you want in making the experience unforgettable. Homejam is where magic happens, where fans become friends.


How it works

Experience Homejam in just 3 easy steps: book, meet, & repeat.

Book : Choose from our carefully selected, award-winning artists for your Homejam session, or even book a private session for a truly special occasion.

Meet : An unforgettable experience that enables you to chat with an artist about anything. Ask them a question or request your favorite song, and let them surprise you. A Homejam is unlike anything you've done before, we guarantee you.

Repeat : Our guests come back again and again, saying "one time just isn't enough". Try it once, and you'll never go back to hearing music or thinking about artists in the same way again.


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  • Dhana

      Los Angeles, CA

    It was one of the best experiences I’ve had in my lifetime...we really enjoyed together as a family. Even my little boys who don’t have an attention span more than 10 minutes loved every little bit of it.

  • Ashwin

      Seattle, WA

    This is an amazing initiative to give artists and fans the opportunity to interact. This was really a dream come true...Will be frequently joining the sessions.

  • P. Iyer

      Trenton, NJ

    The session took me back to India, where classical music is traditionally experienced in small, intimate gatherings. Homejam is a must-attend for all music lovers.

  • Priya

      Sydney, Australia

    I never imagined experiencing my favorite singer in such an intimate musical session. Highly recommend Homejam - you won’t get a chance like this anywhere else.

  • Amrita

      Fremont, CA

    This is my 6th Homejam session and I’m not stopping! I don’t want to miss a single artist! Each session is a completely unique experience.

  • Arjun


    Great evening spent with family and awesome music! Couldn’t have asked for a more beautiful event.

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